AlaveteliCon 2012 was the first ever conference to bring together developers and users of Alaveteli, the international Right to Know software.

In April 2012, the Alaveteli project had been running for over a year. It was running in seven countries worldwide, with at least seven more planned.

The original idea behind AlaveteliCon was to consolidate the small community that we’ve built around the software. In this way we can keep collaborating, and to make the software and its impact on FOI even greater.

Thanks to generous funding from Open Society Foundation and Hivos, the scope has grew to include more than 50 people from over 30 countries, many of whom are not current Alaveteli users.

The conference assembled a range of FOI practioners and civic society hackers that are rarely in one place together. It was a great opportunity to make progress on Alaveteli and also to improve our understanding of the international FOI scene.